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Patch Set Update (PSU):每季度发布一次,修复比较严重的一些问题,包含每季的CPU,是累积型的。虽然在描述PSU的时候会用到数据库版本第5位,比如Database PSU,但实际上打完PSU后并不会真正改变数据库的版本,从v$version中看到的版本还是4位的(,第5位仍然是0(后来有补丁修正这个问题,可以在数据字典显示小版本号)。注意,Windows上没有CPU和PSU,Oracle的集群软件和数据库软件使用不同的PSU。



Bug 21352635 (Oct 2015) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU)

This note gives a brief overview of Patch:21352635 
The content was last updated on: 18-JAN-2016
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Product (Component)Oracle Server (Critical Patch Update)
Version/s this patch is for
Platforms affectedGeneric (all / most platforms affected)

Note that this fix has been superseded by the fix in Bug:21948347


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This is a marker bug for the (Oct 2015) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU).
This Patch Set Update can be downloaded here: Patch:21352635
For information about Patch Set Updates please read Note:854428.1 .
This Patch Set Update includes:
 - All fixes from the (Jul 2015) Patch Set Update (bug 20760982)
 - Plus all fixes which are included in the Security Patch Update for 
   October 2015 - for details see Note:2037108.1
 - Plus a number of other fixes (listed below)
For a cumulative list of fixes in the latest PSU see Note:1611785.1
This PSU supports "composite patching" - see Note:1376691.1 for more details.
Known Issues
 See Note:2037751.1 for details of Known Issues with this Patch Set Update.

Fixes added in the (Oct 2015) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU)

Enterprise Manager Grid Control
20448824Fix for bug 20448824

16065166Small CPU overhead in KGL with fix 13853126

XML database
20925795Fix for bug 20925795

Miscellaneous Issues
20441797Fix for bug 20441797

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